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Sliding partition


Manual relocation of panels. Seals operated by removable winding handle. Partitions shall be top supported, manually operated panels stacked in an area nominated in the plans. When closed, the operable wall shall provide a complete sound retardant barrier. No floor track shall be used.
Sliding partition


ECOTONE Centre stacking system with two wheeled nylon trolley made with the base Material of POM 45 tempered steel shall be used as per approved stacking method.

Sliding partition


Tracking- extruded 6063 – T5 anodized aluminium, Straight runs only, panels stacked within opening. The track housing shall utilize grooves and interlocking steel pins for positive alignment of adjacent track sections, and shall be reinforced overhead by drop rod brackets. Aluminum track housing shall include an integral nut slot to accept a hardened square nut for attaching each drop rod bracket to the top of the track.
Sliding partition


The top and bottom rail of each panel shall incorporate an extruded aluminium box section mechanical seal manually operated by a handle inserted in the panel stile, turning the handle through 45 degrees shall simultaneously extend or retract the top and bottom seals through an steel and spring mechanism which shall firmly hold the seals in the retracted or extended mode. Single crank type mechanisms shall activate floor and head seals.
Sliding partition


The panel trims will be standard series with exposed Aluminium trims of 15mm thickness finished in 6063 – T5 Anodized Aluminium shall be used.

Sliding partition


The panels will be stacked as per site requirement in accordance with the architetural plan. Centre stacking , one side stacking , two side stacking OR in saperate parking area.