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Ecotone delivers exceptional daylighting capabilities and design aesthetics that are only available with glass. Newly added is the unmatched effectiveness of the optional 51 STC acoustical control that further enhances the advantages of the Ecotone line for schools, offices, meeting areas, and other sound-confined space. Designed and engineered for the user in mind, the Ecotone acoustically-rated glass wall systems provide 51 STC and 45 STC (glass partitions), and 50 STC (solid partitions). This all-inclusive family of acoustical glass wall products provides both the advantages of movable partitions as well as fixed office fronts within any space.

Ecotone individual panels offer the modern design elements of glass while providing the ability to customize your space demands all while providing privacy and controlling sound.

Our Glass Sliding Partition Systems are equipped with our signature technology, Ecotone's acoustic sliding glass partitions represent one of the most flexible solutions to making the most of your interior space. With our Glass sliding partitions, room sizes can be changed in a matter of moments to control sound and capitalize on the most efficient use of floor space. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Glass sliding folding partitions which are not only coming in different sizes but are also acoustically treated.

 Recessed lever door hardware
 Rail handle door hardware
 Various wood veneer options on classic/solid panels
 Variety of custom glass options
 Glass applique, frosted, etched glass
 Optional motorized venetian blinds on Ecotone Motorized
 Over 200 custom RAL powder coat options
 ADA compliant pass door and pivot door
 Markerboard work surface
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